Monday, February 27, 2012

Toddler Preview = Epic Fail

Mom's of Toddlers, you are all terrifying me. With all your stories of tantrums and attitude I'm beginning to wonder if I should build a padded room in my basement stocked with an endless supply of Moscato to help me get through it. Thank you for that. Haha.

My coping so far has mainly dealt with the fact that I still had time until a toddler graced our happy home. But, just as he seems to have done most everything else a little earlier, I think Alex has become a toddler already. He's at least occupied the toddler behavior. I thought we still  had at least another 2 months because I was under the impression that he was an infant until his first birthday. But the truth is (at least the truth in the S household) they become toddlers the moment they start walking. This past weekend, he gave us a little preview and it is going down in the baby book as a parenting fail on our end.

For the main part of the whole weekend a couple weeks ago, Alex was inconsolable. Nothing made him happy which means nothing made mommy and daddy happy either. We got a break in the screaming and apparently became delusional when we thought taking Alex to the grocery store was a good idea. Oh my good Lord, was that the worst idea ever! At first he did great, he sat in the cart and looked around, even smiled and made silly faces at daddy but this didn't last long. We hit the dairy aisle and all H-E-double hockey sticks broke out and that cute little blonde hair boy faded and horns sprouted out of his head and a tail poked through his snowpants. I don't know who that child was but he definitely wasn't my sweet boy. We tried feeding him, carrying him, letting him walk in the store, play with whatever we could find, all failures. One thing is for sure, I have never made it in and out of the grocery store that fast before! But we weren't done yet, we got Alex back in the car and for the time being he seemed content but Kris insisted on going to another store for his beloved lunchmeat (he's such a lunchmeat snob). I agreed to go but only if Alex and I waited in the car. Bad idea, no, horrible idea. What I am about to tell you couldn't have been funnier from his point of view if it was scripted for a bad sitcom. By the time Kris made it back to the car, Alex was singing his not so pleasant song (screaming at the top of his lungs) in his car seat in the back seat and I was in the passenger seat with my head between my knees sobbing uncontrollably. Kris's laughter was unwelcome, just sayin.

Things really didn't get any better when we got home. The crying continued, the screaming carried on and tantrums were still being thrown only at this point it wasn't just Alex, I was right there a long with him. Alex was refusing naps so a tired baby on top of an angry baby was there to keep us insane. Fortunately, he wore himself out and was in bed by 8pm and slept until 7 the next day. On Sunday, we went out to my mom and dad's to do the dreaded taxes, a nervous wreck about how Alex might behave. I'm going to tell you, Grandma must have the magic touch because my devil baby turned into her angel baby. He laughed, smiled, played and even napped. Now one would think this would make me happy. No, this just angered me. I tried everything, EVERYTHING to get this guy to calm down and all my mom had to do was look at him. I have a lot to learn from her.

[caption id="attachment_931" align="aligncenter" width="448" caption="Pop has the touch too. He got Alex to crash in his arms, something he NEVER does for us :("][/caption]

So the point of this little story is, I don't want a toddler. Kris and I, we didn't handle this preview well. We felt like such failures. I am just going to keep him a baby forever, you're all cool with that, right?

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