Friday, August 30, 2013

Changes are coming to Happy Heart

I have news. BIG changes are coming to Happy Heart soon and I wanted you all to be the first to know. Happy Heart of Mine is moving and getting a new name. A lot has happened in the last year, it’s been a bit of a rough one so when it came time to renew my domain I started thinking about whether or not it was something I wanted to do. I definitely don’t want to stop blogging, I've always found writing to be therapeutic and the amount of support and advice I've received from my readers in the last 2 years has been remarkable. You've helped me through many of the rough phases in the last couple years, probably without even knowing it but I thank you all just the same.

I have decided to start fresh. I am moving Happy Heart of Mine to a new domain. Why? Because I have decided that things are going to be better for me and my family from now on and with this change in the outlook I have for the future I thought that Happy Heart could use a change too. Don’t get me wrong, the blog will still be predominately about Alex, but it will also be about my marriage, my family (and the plan to expand said family), my friends, the hunt for the perfect (or as close to perfect as we can get) home to raise our family in, and things that I am passionate about. I may post reviews about products I have found to be well, awesome and maybe you’ll find some tutorials too. I've been making some new things for my Etsy shop as it prepares to re-open in October and many of them are new things I've been designing myself and I’m excited to share those with you.

So here is the info, starting September 9, 2013 Happy Heart of Mine will be moving to Loving Mu. I’m excited and I hope you are too. I hope that my readers, all you wonderful readers, will follow me to Loving Mu and continue to read my posts and still support me in the great way you always have.

Feel free to email me with anything, anything at all. Questions, comments, I can’t wait to hear from you J {}

See you soon!

Thursday, August 22, 2013

A Toddler's First Crush

Alex has his very first crush **swoon** and she's adorable and talented and in cartoon time, not much older than he is. 

Meet Molly. One of about 6 preschool mer-people. 

Alex is obsessed with the Bubble Guppies and for a while he was a big fan of Bubble Puppy. When my mom found 3 BG stuffed animals when we were on vacation he grabbed them and pretty much hasn't put them down since. We are hoping the Bubble Guppies infatuation is wearing thin and we're on the verge of not having to watch it over and over again but that's not likely. The past couple weeks he hasn't put Molly down. He takes her everywhere and he brushes his little hand over her hair and tells me that Molly "have pretty hair" and the other day, I saw him kiss her. If he doesn't know where she is he panics and we have to go on a full blown Molly hunt-down until she's been recovered. 

It appears that my baby, I mean my "big-boy," has his first crush and instead of being a bittersweet moment, I find it absolutely adorable!

Wednesday, August 21, 2013

Picking Your Battles - The Night-Night Floor Dilemma

If there is anything I've learned as a mother of a toddler, it's to pick your battles. Sometimes the fight isn't worth the consequence and it's OK to "give in."

 I've always been so proud of Alex's sleeping habits. The first night home from the hospital he slept for 6 hours straight and he was sleep trained by age 4 months. The transition from crib to toddler bed was unbelievably easy other than the first couple nights of screaming and a face plant on the floor. But the two's have brought on a whole new bedtime battle that has turned bedtime into my husband and mine's least favorite time of the day.

It all started on our vacation to the beach this past June. We took the pack n' play for Alex to sleep in and set it up in one of the spare bedrooms at the condo. In that room, there weer 2 twin size beds that were not occupied by anyone else on this family vacation, Kris and I chose to sleep on the sleeper sofa in the living room because we were worried that us moving around would keep Alex up at night. Early in the week when nap time came around, my mom, known affectionately these days as Ya-Ya laid in one of the twin beds when Alex went down for nap and took one herself. Well, then my dad (Pop) did this too and then every night when we put Alex to bed he would point to one of the empty beds and tell us "right there, sleep." At first it was cute, really cute, but then it became annoying. But we were on vacation, the surroundings were different and we wanted him to be comfortable and to sleep himself so we humored it and would stay "sleeping" in one of the beds until Alex drifted off to sleep. That is were we made the first mistake.

Upon returning home from vacation, we had trouble getting Alex to sleep in his toddler bed again. The pack n' play was set up in his room for a couple weeks before he finally decided he wanted his bed again. This wasn't such a bad thing, he still fits in the pack n' play comfortably and as long as he was sleeping we didn't see any harm in it. The issue is that Alex will not lay down unless one of us, myself of Kris, is laying on the floor next to his bed. 9 times out of 10 we fall asleep as well and wake up in the early morning hours stiff and sore because lets face it, we're too old to be sleeping on the floor. This habit has been impossible to break, that kid has a good set of lungs on him and he has the stamina to keep going for hours and hours and hours. This is the battle I am picking, because it's one I think I can conquer. Albeit tough, we are slowly breaking this one as we move a little closer to the door each night making our way to being completely outside of his room. So far, this is working but it's taking every ounce of "battle" energy I have in me.

But last week, when Alex quit sleeping in his bed altogether and chose his floor instead I decided that was a battle I'm not going to pick. So for the past week, Alex has been sleeping on the floor in his room by his bed. It's full of blankets, pillows, and stuffed animals and I guess one way to look at it is he has far more room for all the toys he insists he needs when he's sleeping. Is that a "bad mom" moment? Should I be forcing him to sleep in his bed, even if it means he's not sleeping well or through the night? 

Like I said, I've learned to pick my battles and the floor dilemma is not one I think the fight will be worth the consequence at this time. Now if several months from now he's still refusing to sleep in his bed, then the battle might be on, but for now I'm not going to worry about it. 

Tuesday, August 20, 2013

Tractor's with Papa

This past weekend we took Alex to an antique tractor show at a local park with Kris's dad and step-mom (Grandma and Papa.) There were tractor's everywhere, some old, some very old and some new. Alex was immediately impressed by all of the tractors that we in the field just next to where we parked. My sister had sent me a text telling me they were doing a disaster drill inside the park and that there were firetrucks and ambulance and that the med-flight helicopter would be landing soon so thinking that Alex would LOVE that we headed into the park just in time to see the helicopter come down. As we should have predicted, it was too loud and Alex freaked out pointing to the parking lot saying "that way, that way, that way!" That's not a new reaction, sounds and crowds have been a bit of an issue with Alex, he seems to get overwhelmed easily and we don't tend to get to spend much time at public events. 

Once we made it past the helicopter, everything was fine, in fact Alex really started to enjoy himself. There were back-hoes, and bulldozers, big big trucks as he calls them, and many many more tractor's to see. We found a set of bleachers back behind the tractors and the boys (Alex and my nephew Logan) thought they were the best thing since the old cliche, slice bread. There wasn't anybody there so they had free-range of them and they definitely took advantage climbing all over them like they were a jungle gym. 

It was a nice event and we all had a good time and it's always such a pleasure to see the joy in a little boy's face. I think the best part though are the images I captured of Alex and his Papa who he absolutely adores. I love getting to take advantage of these things and capturing candid photos. They show real un-staged happiness. These are the real expressions of that day and we have these photos to help us to never forget them. 

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